Playing With Your Dog

Playing with your dog is very important at the time of education. It allows the learning of certain orders in a less strict way, as well as the establishment of strong relationships between the dog, the master, and the family.

But if your dog wont play fetch it is simply because your dogs never had an opportunity to practice this kind of activity with a human.

However, when you have a dog that is not greedy and does not necessarily like to play, you find yourself a little disarmed to offer him rewards that suit him. And yes, because in addition to a playful activity with your doggie, the game can serve as a reward as a result of good behavior.

It is easy to recognize a dog that wants to play, it bends its front legs, raises the hindquarters, and barks while making light jumps. He takes this attitude as much to play with the man as to play with a congener.

The sitting or crouching attitude of a person is interpreted by the dog as an invitation to play. So do not be surprised to see an animal putting your two anterior legs on your knees and pulling you when you are squatting. This is why orders must always be given in a standing position, the dog understands without difficulty that this is not a game.

The game should never turn into a fight, even with dogs. The border must be very clear, but this is not always the case in the dog’s head. It is fundamental, to avoid an accident, to choose well “toys”, games and game partners.

Toys must be objects that belong exclusively to the dog. He must be able to dispose of them permanently. Avoid storing them.

You have to buy dog toys, even if at first sight it may seem ridiculous. The buffalo skin toys are perfect. They have the advantage of not “squealing” and can be safely eaten by the dog. They have, in addition, a certain smell that the dog recognizes. If you buy a dog toy cloth, never wash it. A dog needs to recognize its smell on objects that belong to it.

It is important too, to ensure the safety of your pet. Any ball that is too small may be swallowed, any brittle object may be crushed, and ingestion of these crumbs may cause irritation of the stomach. In the first months of life, it is very common to have to operate animals that have swallowed a toy while playing.

It’s not about letting your Labrador play only with Labradors! No, the partners must be very diversified quickly to socialize the animal and avoid future conflicts.

Your pet must meet other dogs on large spaces. Try to take him to large parks or forests where dogs are admitted. Keep an eye on the game. But, above all, detach your dog it is very bad to play dogs together at the end of a leash.

Dogs held are much more aggressive than dogs dropped. The latter will establish relations of strength and quickly dominant and dominated will emerge. The leash transmits to the dog the master’s fear of a possible fight. This is the best way to trigger it. If you think your dog is not responding well enough to the recall, postpone the game sessions for a few weeks and do not let go.

The games are therefore the occasion for the dog to “test” very early the master and the people of the family. The “hand” should always be in the camp of the person who plays with the dog. Control should never be left to the animal.

They must respect the rules and avoid certain games that you can discuss later. They must also be taught to remain calm during the game and especially not to scream. This gradually increases the tension of the situation and can lead the dog to manifest fear or aggression.

Playing with his dog in summary:

To do
– Take advantage of the game sessions to educate the puppy
– Buy a dog toy
– Let it play with other dogs
– Play in calm, stop as soon as signs of excitement appear
– Scold the puppy for the slightest sign aggression

Do not do it
– Go get it to play (you have to let it come by itself)
– Give it to you objects like toys
– Hold it on a leash to play
– Shout during the game
– Accept games of tugging and shot